Welsh Mountain Water

The location of our brewery was strategically picked to ensure we can benefit from the supply of water Birmingham receives from the Elan Valley in Wales. Water is the biggest ingredient in beer and having a good quality water supply is the start point for great beers.

British Floor Malted Barley

Floor malted barley is made the traditional way, which means it is spread over a heated floor, turned by hand and allowed to germinate at its own natural pace. As a result, floor malts have different characteristics to mass produced malts, which result in richer, more aromatic flavours.


Hops deteriorate over time, so we buy the freshest hops we can. This means our hops come from the most recent harvests, ensuring maximum flavour.


Yeast is an often overlooked ingredient in beer. The type of yeast and fermentation temperature can have a significant impact on the flavour of beer. As a result, we do not have one house strain that we use in all beers, as we feel this would limit the flavours we can produce. We therefore use several strains which all add characteristics to our beer.


All of our Brummies are unfined and naturally hazy. While isinglass finings (fish guts) leave beer looking clear, they remove suspended yeast from the beer which impacts flavour. Not using finings also means that Brummies are Vegan friendly!