At Birmingham Brewing Company we have made the decision to can, rather than bottle our beers. Can technology has come a long way in recent years, so there is no flavour transfer from the can to the beer and cans will ensure our beer reaches you in the best condition possible:

Cans of Pale Brummie and Bitter Brummie Beer
  • Quality of Beer - Cans keep out light and oxygen, both of which can cause off flavours in beer, light causes a chemical reaction with hop oils altering their flavour and aroma. Exposure to oxygen not only makes beer go off faster, it it also dulls the flavour and strips the hoppy flavours and aromas from the beer too.

  • The Environment - Cans are 100% recyclable, so all parts of the can are reusable, reducing the impact of Birmingham Brewing Company, and its customers on the planet. Cans are also lighter than bottles, meaning more can be transported in one go and the costs of transporting each can are lower as they need less fuel to be moved.