Beer School

Have you ever wanted to brew beer? Are you an amateur homebrewer who wants to learn a little bit more about the hobby? Are you a long-time homebrewer who wants to have a play on a big shiny kit?

If the answer to any of those questions was “Yes!” then we’ve got the thing for you.


Our beer school is a full day course led by our MSc Qualified Master Brewer, which will involve a combination of talks on the science and technique of brewing, as well as a guided brew on our 100L pilot kit. The day will begin at around 9am and finish around 4pm (all the set up and cleaning will be done for you, leaving just the fun bits!). Lunch is provided and once the beer is ready you'll get some bottles to enjoy too!


There are three types of course available, ranging from beginner skills, to full-on scientific workshops.

Introduction to Brewing
This course is catered to people who’ve never brewed before and want to give it a whirl. As a group you can choose which type of beer you’d like to make; whether that be a pale ale, stout, IPA, or one from our recipe book of Brummies. Then we will guide you through each step of the process. If you’re a new homebrewer, or someone looking for a fun, beery day out, then this is the course for you!

Advanced Brewing & Recipe Design
If you’ve brewed before, but feel lost in a sea of online homebrew forums and dusty old books about hops, look no further! Here we’ll take you from a hobbyist understanding of the process, and introduce brewing science to help you perfect your recipes. Want to learn about how to get a certain colour, bitterness, flavour, or ABV from your homebrew recipes? This is the course for you. You will walk away knowing how to deconstruct a beer, what ingredients make different styles and how to make something a bit different.

Mixed Culture & Sour Beers
This is a course for the proper beer geeks! Here we’ll look at sour beers, and what makes them sour, funky, and exciting. We’ll be delving into the history, geography, and microbiology of one of the fastest growing (yet also oldest) styles of brewing beer. If you’re looking for advice on how to get that lactic tang or farmhouse funk, then join us! Throughout the day we’ll look into brewing bacteria, wild yeast strains, kettle souring, Belgian-style brewing, and the flavours that experimental brewing can give you.

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